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  1. Jason Zippay on April 11, 2010 at 8:14 pm

    I saw “Mildred Richards” at the Tallahassee Film Festival and I thought it was technically brilliant. I’ve been a video editor for about 20 years, and I can’t help but look at a movie for its production elements, and I was impressed with this one. I didn’t know how it had been produced before I had seen it, and it’s a tribute to entire production team and the actors that I didn’t figure out that the audio was from a 40’s radio program! The “aging” of the film (which varied from shot to shot; a nice touch, I thought), the throwback aspect ratio, and the old stock footage really created the right feel for this movie. Even the time when I could tell the dialogue wasn’t perfectly synced, I thought it was intentional and it only added to my enjoyment of it. I can’t wait for more! Very well done!

  2. Kari Arntson on March 9, 2010 at 6:05 pm

    Hello Mark,
    I met you at the Fargo Film festival. I was the Chair for the Student Film catagory. It was a pleasure to meet you and your producer,Jill . I hope you had a good time at the fest and I look forward to seeing your next film, maybe at next years festival. I was wondering if I could get a copy of the picture I took with you and Kristin Rudrüd(from the movie Fargo). It would be nice to have if you or Jill could email it to me that would be awesome. I look forward to seeing your work in the future. Take care.

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