Shorts Filmmaking: An Art Form vs. a “Calling Card”

Jack Gerbes of the Maryland Film Office hosted the discussion “Shorts Filmmaking: An Art Form vs. a “Calling Card”. Marc spoke with Andrew Betzer (John Wayne Hated Horses) Allen Moore (Life With Ghosts) Isaac Green Dieboll (Memories of My Father) Fred Worden (When Worlds Collide) and Jay Zimmerman (Done In One). During this discussion Marc recognized that “the genre (shorts) is not celebrated” and that “99% of the time you don’t recoup your money” however it is still important for filmmakers to embrace the necessity of the form and not see it as just a means to find funding for a feature film. Drawing on his experience working in the trenches of low budget productions for many years in New York City, developing Radio Film Pictures, and directing ‘Mildred Richards’ Marc discussed the benefits of making a short – learning how to structure, economize, budget, collaborate and transfer enthusiasm – and how those experiences contribute to the growth, judgment and wisdom of the emerging filmmaker.

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